Smelly Toilet Bowl

Smelly Toilet Bowl

Have you faced a situation whereby after an intensive toilet washing session, in less than a day, the toilet bowl still smell badly? The smell can be terrible and embarrassing if you are expecting some guest over to your place.

Some of us may have even tried pouring chemicals down our toilet bowl from the commercials that we saw on TV believing that it may solve the problem.

If the above refers to you, you are in the right place to understand the root cause of the problem. In most cases, when the toilet bowl is producing a pungent smell, it is usually due to:

Causes: Broken Pan Collar / Wax Ring

Every toilet has a pan collar / wax ring and over time these can fail. If that’s the case, leaking water may be getting into your flooring and subflooring, causing smelly rot.

The Pan Collar is located underneath the toilet bowl

Solution: Replace the Broken Pan Collar / Wax Ring

The replacement of the pan collar / wax ring can be tedious and difficult to layman. In such cases, we will recommend engaging a qualified plumber to inspect first.

Upon identifying that the root cause is due to a broken pan collar, the plumber will proceed to remove the toilet bowl and replace the pan collar.

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