One of the most important steps in a renovation remodelling is the re-piping of the water pipes in the entire house. With good workmanship and good quality material used, you can extend the lifespan of water pipes. Our plumbers in Singapore can guide you in this major renovation work and can offer cost-effective materials and suitable plumbing services for your new house.
One of the most common problem faced by many home owners during their renovation is that they tend to mix up the processes by thinking plumbing works should be done last where on actual fact, plumbing works are usually first before new materials are being installed.
A classic mistake is when home owners often ask flooring contractors to install tiles first only to realise that when plumbers visit them to do re-pipping works, they need to drill and damage the existing tiles that are in the way of how their pipes should run.

Types of pipes in Singapore

The pipes used in pipe installations for residential properties by our plumbers in Singapore can be:
Copper pipes (metal): they have a proven standard of reliability since the ‘60s. They are not likely to leak and are tight and sturdy;
Galvanized steel (metal): these are rarely used in modern Singapore plumbing because of the negative effects they cause. They are hard to work with and may cause a reduced water pressure and clogged water lines in time;
Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes or PVC (plastic) pipes: these do not rust and they are very appropriate for a residential sink, bathtub and toilet drain lines or vent stacks;
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes or CPVC pipes (plastic): they contain an additional amount of chlorine which makes them safer for drinking water. This type of pipes is easy to work with and can be utilized for both cold and hot water;
Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX pipes (plastic): these are most suitable for retrofits and are very versatile, being able to snake through walls with ease and extend across the home.

How can you avoid renovation pipping mistakes? 

For customers who are engaging a interior designer / contractors for their renovation works, their contractors will be able to handle these works.
For customers who do not hire a renovation contractor, it would be best to plan a step to step guide from the start.
Understand the various process and what comes first is important to avoid incurring addition cost along the line during your renovation works.

How can Singapore Plumbing 24hrs help with your home re-piping? 

At Singapore Plumbing 24hrs, if home owners are able to provide a floor plan of their existing home, we will be able to advice on how the laying of pipes should be done to minimise the visibility  of these unsightly water pipes.

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