What is a plumber ?

Plumber is a trades person who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems for both commercial & residential space. A plumber acquires his plumbing skills through years of experience handling various types of projects, from small simple changing of taps to large sewage planning systems.

Singapore Plumbers

In Singapore, for a plumber to be considered qualified, he must be registered with PUB as a licensed plumber and subsequently register themselves with BCA as a registered plumber under Plumbing & Sanitary works before they are able to tender for project.

How to hire a plumber?

What do you do when you need a plumber? Many of us would pull our phones from our pockets and start searching on google immediately to check on all available plumbers in our area.

Before you make that call to get help for your plumbing works, it would be good to consider the below information to help you make the most informed choice

  • Referral from friends and family

The best service usually comes by through word of mouth and the best to ask help from are usually our family and friends. If your family and friends have previously engage a reliable and honest plumber, it is the best choice since they have first hand experience of the services rendered.

  • Singapore Registered Business

If you happen to find a plumber via flyers and stickers paste on your hdb home gate, you might want to check the name of the company to understand if they are a registered business.

All plumbing business in Singapore is required to file a registration with ACRA Singapore. Have a registered company service your work is comparatively better should in the event things turn ugly, you are able to get someone answerable.

  • Singapore Licensed Plumbers by PUB

Professional plumbers with years of experience would usually be registered with PUB as a registered plumber in Singapore. With plumbers acquiring the relevant credentials and certifications, you can be assured that your plumbing works is in the good hands of professional registered plumbers in Singapore

  • Transparent Pricing

We all have that negative experience where a hired contractor, without discussing on price and solution proceed with the works only to have an expensive bill placed before us once the work is completed.

Most experienced plumbers will first inspect the possible cause of the underlying problem, provide a few workable solutions and suggest the best option for you. It is you as the customer to decide what is best for you in that given situation.

  • Online Reviews

With the internet becoming the main source for users like you and me to do our sourcing work, it will be easier to understand the types of plumbers and contractors you are dealing with. With reviews easily found online via google review and yelp, it will make it easier for you as a customer to decide the right plumbers to engage