Drain Cleaning

We’ve all been there. The kitchen or bathroom sink drain is clogged and no matter what product you use, it just won’t budge. Time to call in the professionals.

The best idea, before you spend a lot of time and money on chemical products to unclog your drain, is to call Us and receive the services of a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning. But since drain clogs can vary from minor to severe, it’s just not possible to know what to expect.Regardless of your drain’s condition, plumbers can skillfully and quickly clean, unclog, or repair your drain. They use the most effective procedures and tools to get the job done. And, don’t be concerned about there being a mess; our plumbers leave the job clean and ready for you to resume your activities.

 Pipe Chokage
 Floor Trap Chokage
 Kitchen Sink Chokage
 Toilet Bowl Chokage
 Urinal Bowls

Leak Repair

You can hear it; the sound of rushing water or the drip, drip of a leak, but you just can’t find it. Or maybe you had no idea there was a leak until the water bill arrived. Horrified, you’ve decided to call in a professional. But, how do you know you’re getting a reputable plumber you can trust to find and fix a leak?

It’s simple. Call Us and we’ll have a plumber at your home or business within an hour, guaranteed.

 Burst Pipe
 Water Tap / Mixer Tap
 WC Flush Cisterns
 Storage Heater / Instant Heater
 Conceal Pipe Leak

Other Services

Whether you’re building a new home, restoring an existing home, or just upgrading your fixtures, Singapore Plumbing Services can fix you up when it comes to plumbing fixtures. We have relationships with wholesale plumbing supply companies and home improvement centers to be able to offer our customers the most choices at the best value.

Our Plumbing Services offers a wide and varied selection of fixtures, from low-cost to high-end and everything in between.

We are specialised renovation work too

 Toilet Bowl squatting to sitting
 Toilet Bifold door
 Rubbish Chute
 Waterproofing Repair Works