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Toilet Repair

Visiting a bathroom / toilet is an essential part of our everyday. With a prolong period of high usage, it is no wonder that it breaks down more often compared to the rest of the house.

Common Toilet Repair Works

As plumbers, we attend to many of the problems home owners faced on their water leak and pipe issues on a daily basis. Below are some of the common problems we get more often from home owners.

  • Clogged Toilets / Toilet Bowl / Basin

This is one of the most common problem home owners faced. The most probable cause for a clogged toilet bowl problem is that drainage that flushes both water and waste is being choked.

Plumbing Services: Once we have identified the problem which is a clogged drainage,  we will use high pressured specialised plumbs to flush the affected drainage.

  • Broken Tap Handle

A broken tap handle is next most common problem home owners face. This is usually caused by a prolong usage leading to wear and tear.

Plumbing Services: Changing of the entire tap is usually the best fix. By tightening the loose nut and screws that caused the broken tap handle is short term fix which we do not recommend to avoid further break downs.

  • Leaking water pipes

Leaking water pipes are usually cause by loose connecting joints. This usually happens after a prolong usage which is a common wear and tear issue.

Plumbing Services: We will first need to inspect and identify that the cause of the leak is due to a loose connect joint. We will proceed to replace the existing joint with a new joint to stop the water leaking

Common Toilet Cistern Problem

Toilet Cistern (Toilet Bowl Water Tank)  problems are what home owners commonly faced. Problems such as sunken flush button, broken flush handle to broken cistern mechanism usually what we face on a regular basis.

Many of these problems are common wear and tear problems home owners face and that it is caused by prolong usage leading to them being broken.

Sunken / Stuck Toilet Flush Button

Broken Toilet Flush Mechanism

Broken Toilet Flush Handle

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